A June film photography update: Reaching capacity, again

Urban Adventure League

MG. Laurelhurst, 5 June 2022. Camera: Ricohflex Dia Film: Ilford XP2 Super (C-41 B&W)

Hello, friends. It’s now almost two-and-a-half years since I got back into film photography. It’s been a journey of more ups than downs, a good diversion to have during these trying times. In this time I’ve shot several hundred rolls of film and have tried out a bunch of different cameras. As of right now, this is my current camera stable:

  • Minolta SR-T 101
  • Minolta XD5
  • Minolta Hi-Matic 7s
  • Olympus 35 RD
  • Olympus Pen EES-2
  • Olympus XA2
  • Pentax IQZoom 928 (Espio 928)
  • Reto Ultra Wide and Slim
  • Agfamatic 2008 (110 film)
  • Ricohflex Dia (120 film)

Two SLRs. Two fixed-lens rangefinders. One half-frame camera. Two compact 35mm cameras. Two toy/lo-fi cameras. One medium format/120. Ten cameras total. A good selection of different cameras to suit any circumstance: small to big, totally manual to totally auto, fixed lens…

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